Black Rice and Beet; Salmon Belly in Red Curry; Stir Fried On Choy; Stewed Pork Belly

I spotted salmon belly at the grocery and wanted to have some pork belly, thus decided to build lunch around these two proteins.  The on choy (water spinach) looked good and garlic scapes (stems and flower bulbs) were available serving as my vegetables.  Having had a well balanced, tasty curry for dinner last week, I thought to use a red curry soup base for the salmon.  So my lunch for this week is below:



Stewed pork belly with sprouts

  1. Simmer mirin, sake, black sugar, red miso, and soy until flavors are blended.
  2. Add pork belly block and simmer covered.  This is essentially a braise.
  3. Remove pork belly.  Add sprouts to the stew.
  4. While broth is simmering, slice pork belly.
  5. Add slices back to stew and sprouts.



Slicing the pork makes for easier eating with chopsticks and keeps it tender.



img_2526Red curry salmon belly

  1. Simmer red curry.
  2. Chop garlic scapes and simmer in the curry until cooked through.
  3. Add salmon belly pieces and simmer until cooked (no more than 5-8 minutes)




The tender, fatty salmon contrasts with the spicy red curry.  The cooked garlic scapes mellow out in flavor.


img_2527Stir fried on choy

  1. Wash the on choy (water spinach) and chop into manageable lengths.
  2. Stir fry dried shrimp, crab paste, gochujang, and soy sauce in oil into a paste.
  3. Add on choy and mix with the paste.




The salty, spicy flavor compliments the on choy nicely.



Black rice and beet

  1. Cook black rice (2 to 1 water to rice ratio).
  2. Roast beets.
  3. Cube roasted beets.
  4. Mix with cooked rice.
  5. Top with umeboshi



I had some left over white rice and mixed it in with black rice.


And so my lunch for the week:

July 16 2017


Ingredient and preparation notes:

  1. On choy is water spinach and can be found in any Asian market.  Do not substitute with regular spinach.
  2. Garlic scapes come out in the summer and are flower buds from garlic bulbs.
  3. You can purchase dried shrimp and crab paste from any Asian market.
  4. Pantry staples include: soy, mirin, sake, miso, black sugar, and gochujang.

Thanks everyone!

The Bento Doctor


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