Curried Cauliflower; Salmon and Radish with Pickles; Ginger Pork with Shittake and Leek; and Stuffed Tofu, Filipino Sausage, Jicama (July 30, 2017)

I tend to normally have something in mind going into my usual shopping.  That something is usually inspired by something in the week.  This past week was a little busy and I let my mind wander and combine while I was shopping.  I noticed I often went to thoughts that started with “It’s been a while since…”  As such, it’s been a while since I combined pork and ginger.  It’s been a while since I used leeks and jicama.  And so came to being this week’s lunch.

Ginger Pork with Leek and Shiitakeimg_2609

  1. Grate ginger, slice leeks and shiitakes
  2. Mix ginger, mirin, soy in a bowl
  3. Saute shittake until reduced, then add leeks
  4. Add ginger mixture and simmer
  5. Add pork and simmer until cooked




Ginger pork with shiitake and leeksimg_2614




Salmon and Radish

  1. Slice radish thinly
  2. Wrap salmon around radish.  I used kitchen twine to hold salmon wrap together
  3. Mix soy, mirin, palm sugar
  4. Place salmon rolls into mixture and let sit for 30 min
  5. Simmer in mixture until cooked


The salmon rolls marinating










Salmon and radish with picklesimg_2615

img_2610Stuffed Fried Tofu with Longanisa and Ikura and Jicama

  1. Slice jicama into sticks
  2. Place in container (zip bag) with coconut vinegar, mirin for a fresh and light dressing
  3. Slice longanisa and cook
  4. Assemble components



Stuffed Fried Tofu with Longanisa and Ikura and Jicama



img_2606Curried Cauliflower and Leek

  1. Cut cauliflower
  2. Slice leeks
  3. Stir fry with curry





Curried Cauliflower and Leek


My lunch for the week:



Ingredient and preparation notes:

  1. Longanisa is a (usually) sweet Filipino sausage.  It can be bought fresh or frozen.  My local grocery has freshly made sausages in the butcher section.
  2. Jicama can be intimidating to prepare due to its size, but the vegetable is easy to cut in sticks and very refreshing in flavor.
  3. Instead of Inari (tofu skins), I thought to use fried tofu and stuff with ikura (salmon roe) and longanisa.
  4. Pantry staples: mirin, palm sugar, soy, curry (madras) powder



The Bento Doctor


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